Natural treatment


What amazing experience! I’ve suffered with stomach issues for years and have been looking for a natural way of treating it. I have found the place! Melissa is so sweet , welcoming and has a ton of knowledge! She made me feel so comfortable I’m so blessed to have found this place. I’ve been telling everyone I know about rock solid health. My mother is even going for treatments now . I can’t say enough great things about rock solid and Melissa! Try it you won’t regret it!

Tanisha h.
FDA approved system


July 25, 2013 If you have ever been curious about getting a colonic then do so with Rock Solid Health. I have always wanted to get one due to the benefits of a colonic, however was very nervous. I decided to try the closed system, however I did not like it, and it felt too invasive to me, so I heard about Rock Solid Health and there machine was the FDA approved open system so I thought I would give it another try, and I am so glad I did. As soon as I got there Malyssa put me at ease, she explained every thing clearly, made me feel very comfortable and gave me the best advice ever(to relax). I had great results more than I ever thought. I found the place to be very clean, professional and warming. Thanks

Medical condition


July 26, 2013 My wife and I are happy to recommend Round Solid Health. Julie has required colonic therapy once a week due to a medical condition for about a year, and Melissa has been there for us from the very beginning. She is kind and compassionate, and always keeps her facility in the most hygienic condition.

Welcoming staff


October 12, 2013 I have been going to ROCK SOLID HEALTH for almost a year now and I can’t begin to tell you the results I’ve experienced. The staff is very informative and welcoming. It’s so peaceful, and clean. My every experience with ROCK SOLID HEALTH has been more than excellent. I recommend to anyone who needs to detox or who needs a cleaning. I have severe stomach issues, been to several doctors, have done it all, with the information provided and the use of Angel of Water Open System, you will get the results you are looking for, I SURE DID! Go ahead try it today!

First Experience


I went for a colonic for the first time last week as recommended by my wife. I am so glad I finally did!! I have to admit I was nervous before my appointment but Patty made me feel very comfortable and at ease by providing me privacy and dignity. After the session I felt so good by feeling light and now I don’t have that bloating sensation I’ve been experiencing for months. I felt so good for this that I bought a package to keep coming back! I recommend this to anyone with bloating or stomach issues.

Steven m.
Better health


July 19, 2013 Rock Solid Health has been incredibly beneficial for my overall physical and emotional health. By going consistently since February of 2013, I have experienced less bloating, cramping and mentally feel much lighter and clear than I even have. Malyssa is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and wonderful. She explains the process thoroughly and I have always felt comfortable and in good hand during sessions. She always follows up a day or two after an appointment to see how I am feeling. I have benefited greatly from both the water cleanse and have taken my detox journey to a new level with the coffee cleanse. I highly recommend making RSH an integral part of your process to better health and well-being.

Digestive issues resolved


I’m still going to RSH and still extremely satisfied! Melissa and Hope are caring, helpful and professional. My digestive issues are resolving and I’m feeling great thanks to RSH!

Ali m.
Great experience


Great experience I’ve been doing colonics for years & struggled to find a place after recently moving to the area, I am over joyed to have found this place! Melissa is Amazing the facility is very relaxing & clean! They have tons of deals and specials I will be a new regular for sure!

kelly b.
Wellness restored


It was such a blessing to find this place. Melissa is so knowledgeable and caring. She truly wants to see wellness restored. The word “colonic” sounds scary to some. But trust me its not painful at all and the most natural way to remove your body of toxins.

marla h.
Repeat client


Rock solid health rocks!! Melissa went over the procedure made me feel very comfortable and relaxed!! Very peaceful and private.. I have gone 3 times and it really helps with bloating and my stomach went down .. I noticed a difference in my skin and going more regular … Can’t wait to do it again!!! Summer time…

adri b.