Melissa Rose Bustos

CEO & Therapist CCH, I-Act Certified


My journey with Rock Solid Health started with me becoming a patient first. Unaware, I had consumed a parasite and was suffering for roughly six years. I saw many Doctors and tried several medications to treat my symptoms with no progress. I suffered from weight gain, severe constipation, bloating, and was extremely tired during this time. I assumed the symptoms I was experiencing came about due to stress of losing my Dad to colon cancer in 2004. My symptoms continued to worsen; I started forgetting little things, I was exhausted all the time, and I suffered from a gallbladder infection.

One day, an assistant suggested I try Colon Hydrotherapy. I did research, but I also felt this was a last resort as the doctor told me I would soon need to get a portion of my large intestine removed. The first session was a little difficult and slightly embarrassing, but I could not explain it… I knew I needed this treatment. After my third session I felt so much better, so I scheduled several more sessions. This set off a trigger inside me to research Natural Holistic Health which led me to see a Naturopath who accurately diagnosed me with a parasite, and finally informed me this was the stem of all that I suffered from for the last six years.

After receiving such incredible benefits from my colon hydrotherapy sessions, I researched different types of cleanses. I received added benefits which included increased energy, better skin, more clarity, and no longer feeling chronically ill. Colon Hydrotherapy opened so many new doors in my life, taught me so many new ways to take care of myself, and convinced me that my life needed to take a new direction. My new vision was to spread the word about how much this treatment changed my life and to inform people about the Naturopath World so they could reap the amazing benefits as well.

God Blessed me with the opportunity to purchase Rock Solid Health in 2012, the same facility I was receiving my treatments from. With a new lease on life and a genuine care for my clients and their health, I made it my purpose to do everything I could to assist and inform as many clients as possible, in addition to finding new ways to educate them about cleansing. I started putting all the pieces together in my life, like knowing that my Dad did not have to pass away of Colon Cancer in August 2004. If he would have taken care of himself and lived a much healthier lifestyle, there was a chance he could still be here with me. Being a Christian I know he is in a much better place, but it still saddens me that he could still be here today. This has motivated me more to help people understand the importance of cleansing their bodies.