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What is an Open Colonic System?

There are two systems for administering high colonics, open and closed. What is an open colonic system and how do I know if it is right for me?

“The health benefits of colon hydrotherapy are substantial and countless.”

An open colonic system works by flushing out the colon with warm filtered water that flows gently and then allows you to naturally expel the contents when you have the urge. What are some aspects of this type of colonic that make it a good fit for you?

  • Privacy

One of the objections that many persons have to colonics is the invasion of privacy and risk for embarrassment. A closed system though allows for a very private environment as you will be able to undress yourself privately and then lie down on the treatment table. After you insert the small rectal tube, you will then be allowed to cover yourself with a sheet while the treatment is in session. You will also be in a private room to yourself and will be able to relax and allow the healing processes to begin.

  • Safety and Comfort

You will expel the water and bowel contents to suit your comfort level and since the water is gravity fed, the gentle stream will not overwhelm your system with an uncomfortable amount of water. You will be allowed to control how much water you retain and how far into your rectum you introduce the tube, allowing for comfort.

The health benefits of colon hydrotherapy are substantial and countless. Please contact us to see how this treatment can help you obtain optimal health.