What is Colonic Irrigation?

What is Colonic Irrigation?If you feel lethargic, bloated, have bags under your eyes, breakouts, or generally feel unwell, a colonic irrigation might help move you back on the right track to health. A colonic irrigation is done at a therapist’s office. A tube is inserted into the patient’s bottom and water is released into the colon. The patient might feel a slight pressure or need to go to the bathroom. The session may last as long as an hour. During that time, the therapist monitors the patient and alternates flushing the bowels with subsequently releasing the material that is loosened by the water. At the end of the session, for the final release of toxins, the patient may need to sit on a toilet for a few minutes.

Several sessions may be scheduled over a three-week period. While a session is not painful, there may be a bit of discomfort, somewhat similar to the pressure of gas or perhaps feeling “the need to go” as in diarrhea. After a session, a patient is likely to feel lighter and better. Plus, the body can now better absorb nutrients since there is not the “gook” coating the intestines preventing nutrients from being absorbed.

The first colonic irrigation machine was invented about 100 years ago. Water pressure, temperature, enzymes, coffee, herbs, and probiotics may all be part of the therapy. The purpose is to remove toxic buildup, which eventually seeps into the bloodstream and poisons the body.

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