Facts about Colon Hydrotherapy Open System Devices

Facts about Colon Hydrotherapy Open System DevicesColon hydrotherapy places water into the large intestine. When the water exits the colon it removes accumulated waste. There are two types of colonic systems — open and closed.

Open Colonic System

During an open colonic system session, a thin water tube is inserted into the anus. The water tube allows a flow of warm water to enter the anus and colon. The patient’s hips are placed beside a basin which catches the released internal waste. During the process, the patient must push out the water and waste to expel it from the colon and into the basin.

Colonic System Differences:

  1. The open system nozzle is the size of your pinky and enters the rectum only one inch into the rectum.  
  2. The open system rebuilds the peristalsis of the muscle which will help patients go on their own.
  3. The open system nozzle is small and only inserts water into the rectum so once the muscle contracts and the patient has to release they are free to do so and the nozzle is so small the waste passes by the nozzle and evacuates the body. With the open system the patient never has to jump off the table nor has to endure the discomfort of having the nozzle removed and inserted several times throughout the session.
  4. With the open system, if the patient needs a little privacy they may ask the Technician to leave them alone and are able to still have and effective session.

Colonic systems help relieve patients of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and excessive gas. It also often relieves allergies, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, skin disorders and anxiety. The process jumpstarts the body’s gastrointestinal tract and boosts the immune system.

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