Learn how Colon Irrigation can Improve your Health

Learn how Colon Irrigation can Improve your HealthBeing able to efficiently eliminate waste is essential for good health. Over time, the colon may develop a build-up of fecal matter that could affect a number of body processes. To eliminate this matter, your physician may recommend colon irrigation, which provides a number of amazing benefits.

Removes Toxins

One of the biggest benefits of colon irrigation is the fact that it helps remove harmful toxins from the body. This in turn can result in:

  • An enhanced immune system
  • Better energy

Improves Digestion

A clean colon also creates an environment that is ideal for so-called “good” bacteria to thrive in. Good bacteria is essential for proper digestion, and may therefore lead to a decrease in indigestion or other stomach disorders. Removing build-up from your colon walls also makes it easier for you to eliminate waste, which in turn can lead to fewer episodes of constipation. In many instances, patients are able to significantly reduce the amount of laxatives they take; many will even eliminate them altogether.

Deeper Cleansing

An enema cleanses only a few inches of the colon, while an irrigation provides a much deeper cleaning. What this means is that toxins that might otherwise be released into your bloodstream have the ability to be naturally removed from your body instead. You may notice an enhanced feeling of wellness, and may even see a decrease in sinus or joint pain after having an irrigation performed.

While colon hydrotherapy provides a deeper cleansing, most patients find it only moderately uncomfortable. Having this procedure performed in our peaceful, serene setting will afford you a great deal of privacy and ensure your dignity is protected. To find out more, contact us.