How Colonics will Improve Your Health

How Colonics will Improve Your HealthTo us, it’s clear why someone would need colonics, but you might need some convincing. Take control of your health by making informed decisions for your overall well-being. Think back to a time when you felt physically and mentally unwell. Your participation rate in living your life probably fell to an all-time low. Now, think of how you felt at the height of wellness. Were you ready to take on the world? Colonics can help you work toward and maintain optimal health.

Let’s look at what is happening in the colon and how colonics can help.

Your colon can have a build up of fecal matter. If you do not have 1-2 “healthy” bowel movements daily, you are constipated! This is often a result of being dehydrated, processed foods and/or lack of exercise. All the food that goes in, must come out. Does your body maintain an even deposit and withdrawal system? According to WebMD, “Less than 50% of people have one bowel movement a day”. So…that means all that food is sitting in your colon!

Digested food sitting in your colon track may be trouble. All of that fecal build up makes your colon a prime breeding ground. This is a perfect environment for parasites and bacteria. No wonder constipated people feel nauseous and uncomfortable.

Colonics provides a safe and simple solution to supporting your overall health. Whether you are struggling with  constipation, detoxing or working on improving your health, we can help you reach your individual goals.

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