Colon Health for Total Health

Colon Health for Total HealthThe health of your colon resembles the health of your body more often than not. Imagine if the pipes in your bathroom clogged – no matter how much you clean yourself, the dirt really does not go anywhere. It will eventually overwhelm you.

Here are some top tips for colon health, a surefire way to losing weight and staying energetic and healthy.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Especially as you age, raw fruits and vegetables should become a main staple of your diet. Think of these foods as a vacuum cleaner for your colon. Invest in a blender and puree tasty fruit/vegetable smoothies. The sweetness of the fruit hides the bitterness of many vegetables you may not enjoy on their own!

Go Ahead and Eat Red Meat, But…

Make sure that you eat contingents of raw foods at the same meal as well. Balance is the key to maintaining a high quality of life, enjoying life and having the health to do so.

Sweat Out the Gunk

Exercise is more than a muscular activity. Sweat clears out enormous amounts of gunk from the body, including bad saturated fats, cholesterol and preservatives. Sweat, then shower, then watch all those evil things go down the drain. The body is actually very good at healing itself as long as you give it the opportunity!

Feel free to contact us for advice and solutions on your colon. Your body’s airwaves need clarity for the body to clean itself properly. We are the ones who help you improve your quality of life through great colon health!