Cancer Awareness Month at Rock Solid Health

This March people will be breaking out dark blue bracelets to show their support for Colon Cancer Awareness Month. This month is special to me because my Dad passed away of colon cancer in 2004 and it’s my heart’s desire to make people aware of preventative measures. But what meaning is there in all this for you? If you are still young you’ve probably not given much thought to this disease which most often strikes older adults over the age of 50. And if you fall into the older adult category, no doubt your family doctor has already scheduled you for your needed cancer screening tests.

Cancer Awareness Month at Rock Solid HealthAlthough, according to the American Cancer Society, only 60% of adults are up to date on their recommended screening tests for colon cancer. This means that 40% of adults are walking around with a potentially un-diagnosed case of colon cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, according to the CDC.

Speak to your parents and grandparents. Have a heart to heart with them and while respecting their right to privacy and personal right to make healthcare choices, ask them if they are up to date on their screening tests. People oftentimes have so many doctors appointments that it is quite possible that one of their screening appointments may have been missed and simply needs to be rescheduled. If they are willing, accompany them to their annual checkup and then advocate for them, ensuring that all the needed tests are being ordered and followed up on. And if you yourself fall into the over 50 category, do not neglect or delay into speaking with your doctor regarding needed screening tests.

I Sincerely want to Thank ALL of my Loyal customers and Welcome New Customers as we all take preventative measures this month.

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Why $59?! My Dad Passed away at 59 Years Old and I simply want to Honor him while helping you all understand the meaning of Preventative Care. For more information about what you can do, starting now, please contact us for more information.